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BISP Phase 3 New 10500 Payment Starting July 3

BISP Phase 3 New 10500 Payment Starting July 3

The big news of this time is that finally the BISP Phase 3 of the new installment of Rs 10500 is going to start, a large number of people were waiting when the third phase will start and we have to go to receive our payment so now. Your wait is over, the news has arrived on which date you will get the payment and on which date you should go, the list of districts of all the provinces will also be told to you.

The BISP Phase 3 is going to start, from which day this marla will start and you will start getting payment. Also tell you the list of all the districts where the payment will be made and you can receive your payment. If they do not receive the message from 8171, then will these people also have to go to receive the payment? They will give you the complete details.

Who don’t get Message from 8171

Those who don’t get message from 8171 then they should go to collect payment because most of people don’t receive message from 8171 then they are in trouble should we go to collect payment or not we will get payment there or We will be sent back so let us tell you that for all the people who do not receive messages from 8171, the clear message received by Benazir Income Support and especially for those in the third phase, if you If the message is not received in the first few days, then you should still go to collect the payment if you do not receive the message for any reason, then do not go to collect your payment immediately while rushing. It is also very high and due to increased rush, it is difficult to get payment

Avoid the Initial Rush

So you should take a break and leave a gap of at least 10 days in between. People who go for payment then the problem for them is that they have to go round again and again because in the beginning it is hot. Due to the intensity and rush, people do not get the payment and they have to return empty-handed, that is why you should leave a gap of nine to 10 days so that you can also get the payment easily and someone You should not face any kind of problem

Payment Collection from Camp Sites

We will share with the list of districts but let us tell you that many people want to get their payment from Jazz Cash and Easy Paisa, so let us tell you this payment, it is worth 10500 rupees. You will get the details from camp side and not from jazz cash and easy money. It may be that first of all, talk about Sindh, they are going to tell you the list of their districts, after that they will also tell you about those of Punjab. Now there are total 11 districts in the district of Sindh where your payment will go.

District Lists for Payment Collection

In the same way, which is the district of Punjab, it includes a total of seven districts where people can receive their payment. First of all, listen to the names. Benazir Abad Tharparkar Umarkot All the people who are armed and can go to collect their payment, your payment will start from 3rd of July but you should wait for 10 days while the district of Punjab. Talking about the list, their list has also come out, especially Muzaffargarh, 13, Ghazi Khan, Lodhran, Multan, Khaniwal, Rajanpur, all these districts are included in the third phase. You can, but the same instruction is being issued for them, considering the severity of the illness, you should delay for another nine to 10 days so that you can get the payment Baasani on the first visit and face any kind of problem. If not, the third term will start from July 3


By following these guidelines, you can ensure a smoother and more efficient process for receiving your BISP payment. Remember to check the specific district lists and plan your visit accordingly to avoid any issues. Your payment is your right, and with these steps, you can claim it without any trouble.

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