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Dollar Rate in Pakistan Today

Dollar Rate in Pakistan Today

Dollar Rate in Pakistan Today

Today, the dollar rate in Pakistan is PKR 278.40, updated on July 10, 2024 according to State Bank rate, also known as interbank rate. While the rate of US dollar in Pakistan today is PKR 278.75 in the open market in the commercial currency market of Pakistan. Forex trading rates in Pakistan fluctuate daily due to various factors involved in the economy. The bank exchange value of the US dollar is always slightly lower in the exchange rate than the currency exchange or open market.

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آج پاکستان میں ڈالر کی شرح PKR 278.40 ہے، جو 10 جولائی 2024 کو اسٹیٹ بینک کی شرح کے مطابق اپ ڈیٹ ہوئی، جسے انٹربینک ریٹ بھی کہا جاتا ہے۔ جبکہ پاکستان میں امریکی ڈالر کی شرح آج اوپن مارکیٹ میں پاکستان کی تجارتی کرنسی مارکیٹ میں PKR 278.75 ہے۔ معیشت میں شامل مختلف عوامل کی وجہ سے پاکستان میں فاریکس کی خرید و فروخت کی شرح روزانہ اتار چڑھاؤ آتی ہے۔ امریکی ڈالر کی بینک ایکسچینج کی قیمت کرنسی ایکسچینج یا اوپن مارکیٹ کے مقابلے میں شرح مبادلہ میں ہمیشہ قدرے کم ہوتی ہے۔

Dollar To PKR Open Market

اوپن مارکیٹ ڈالر ریٹ

10 Jul 24 PKR278.75 PKR280.75

USD To PKR Interbank

انٹر بینک ڈالر ریٹ

10 Jul 24 PKR278.40 PKR278.90

Open Market Currency Rates

USDUS Dollar 278.75 280.75
EUREuro 299.15 302
GBPBritish Pound 352.75 356.25
AEDUAE Dirham 76.35 76.15
SARSaudi Riyal 73.6 74.32
KWDKuwaiti Dinar 907.85 916.85
CADCanadian Dollar 203.25 205.25
AUDAustralian Dollar 184.5 186.3
OMROmani Riyal 722.87 730.89
JPYJapanese Yen 1.91 1.99
MYRMalaysian Ringgit 58.95 59.75
QARQatari Riyal 76.39 77.09
BHDBahrain Dinar 740.62 748.62
THBThai Bhat 7.55 7.7
CNYChinese Yuan 38.3 38.7
HKDHong Kong Dollar 35.6 35.95
DKKDanish Krone 40.12 40.52
NZDNew Zealand Dollar 169.24 171.24
SGDSingapore Dollar 202.25 204.25
NOKNorwegians Krone 26.04 26.34
SEKSwedish Krona 26.5 26.8
CHFSwiss Franc 309.15 311.65
INRIndian Rupee 3.33 3.43

Interbank Currency Exchange Rates

USDUS Dollar USD 278.40 278.90
GBPUK Pound Sterling GBP 356.00 356.64
AEDU.A.E Dirham AED 76.20 76.33
AUDAustralian Dollar AUD 187.27 187.61
JPYJapanese Yen JPY 1.74 1.74
CNYChinese Yuan CNY 38.50 38.57

International Currency Exchange Rates

USDU.S. Dollar USD 278.68
AEDUAE Dirham AED 75.87
GBPBritish Pound GBP 217.61
SARSaudi Arabian Riyal SAR 74.29
AUDAustralian Dollar AUD 413.44
CADCanadian Dollar CAD 204.46
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Dollar rate in Pakistan today

Today on 10 July 2024, the dollar rate in Pakistan is 278.90 in the interbank exchange rate given by the State Bank of Pakistan. The dollar rate in the open market is 278.75. Recently, the interbank rate increased by PKR 0.10 0.036. In the last 30 days, the dollar to PKR exchange rate saw an increase of PKR 10.906 (3.715%).

  • During today’s business, the interbank dollar has softened.
  • Today, the rate of the dollar decreased by 1 rupee to 278 rupees.
  • Yesterday, the dollar rate closed at 279 rupees in the interbank exchange in Pakistan.
  • On the other hand, the dollar fell by Rs 1 to Rs 277 in the open market today.
  • At the close of business yesterday, the dollar was priced at Rs 278 in the open market in Pakistan.

Open market rate in Pakistan

The open market dollar rate in Pakistan is generally associated with the free flow of trade. There are no barriers or restrictions in the buying and selling of goods between countries and countries will have equal opportunity to demand and supply their products. On the other hand, in an open market, there are no taxes or tariffs. However, the interest that will be charged on the trade will be determined by the government, the Federal Reserve. Today, the dollar rate in Pakistan is experiencing an incredibly severe setback as inflation is hitting the country.

Conversion of currencies

Similarly, commodity-money trade is also relatively important because it is necessary to exchange open market rates with other countries for buying and selling products with other countries. Exchange rate of currencies like Dollar to PKR rate in Pakistan is also called as foreign exchange rate. The dollar rate in Pakistan is known by two names, buying and selling rates. In addition, international banks have the sole ownership of fixing the exchange rate of the currency in the world market while the central bank will regulate the national currency and maintain the balance between the buying and selling of goods by monitoring the foreign exchange fixing. will The State Bank of Pakistan is the central bank in Pakistan and it sets the foreign exchange rate daily.


What is the dollar rate today?

Dollar rate today is Rs. 278.90, this is the direct exchange rate in Pakistan.

What is the rate of one dollar in Pakistan?
278.90 in interbank exchange rate as an official rate by State Bank of Pakistan to $1 in Pakistan.

What is the rate of dollar today in Pakistan open market?
In Pakistan today open market dollar rate is 278.75, it may vary and is different from interbank rate.

What is the buying and selling rate for the dollar?
Today, the dollar is buying at 278.40 and selling at 280.75. It may also vary depending on the currency exchange or financial institution.

How much is 1 USD to PKR Open Market?
Dollar to PKR is equal to 1 USD 280.75 as per open market exchange rate.

What is the correct rate of dollar in Pakistan?
The correct rate of dollar in Pakistan is PKR 280.75 in the Pakistani currency exchange market.