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Today's Islamic Date in Pakistan - Islamic Calendar Date Today Hijri Date 2024

Today’s Islamic Date in Pakistan

Today’s Islamic Date: It’s important for Muslims to know the Islamic date today, especially when following the lunar calendar for religious and cultural purposes. The Islamic calendar, also known as the Hijri Arabic calendar, is used worldwide to determine significant dates and events based on the lunar cycle.

What’s the Islamic Date Today in Pakistan?

The Islamic date today in Pakistan is 09 Muharram 1446. This date is determined by moon sightings and decisions made by the Ruet Committee in Pakistan. The Islamic calendar used in Pakistan may differ from other countries due to variations in local moon sighting practices.

What’s the Current Date in Islam?

As of today, Saudi Arabia observes the Islamic date as 10 Muharram 1446. It’s common for there to be a one-day difference in the Hijri date between countries based on their individual moon sighting procedures.

Today's Islamic Date in Pakistan - Islamic Calendar Date Today

Islamic Calendar Year 2024

The Islamic calendar for 2024 began with the first month called Muharram. The new Hijri year 1446 AH started on August 9 in many countries such as Saudi Arabia, USA, Canada, UK, and UAE. However, Asian countries like Pakistan began on August 10.

Muharram started on July 7, 2024, and will end on August 5, 2024. This month holds significant importance for Muslims as it marks the beginning of the new Islamic year and includes observances such as Ashura on the 10th of Muharram. Ashura commemorates Imam Hussain’s martyrdom.

The Significance of Muharram

Muharram is one of Islam’s four sacred months when fasting and increased worship are encouraged. Muslims use this time to reflect on values like patience, perseverance, and standing up against oppression.

Ashura, observed on the 10th day of Muharram, holds special importance as a day of mourning for Muslims—particularly Shia Muslims—commemorating Imam Hussain’s martyrdom. It serves as a reminder of fighting for justice and honoring sacrifices.

What Comes After Muharram?

Following Muharram is Safar—the second month in the new Islamic year starting around August eighth continuing spiritual activities from Muharram onward.

After Safar is Rabi’ al-Awwal—honoring Prophet Muhammad’s birth month—playing crucial roles in setting a spiritual tone for Muslims worldwide to rejuvenate intentions and devotion.

Current Islamic Date in Saudi Arabia & Arab Countries

In Saudi Arabia and most Arab nations, today’s Islamic date reads as 10 Muharram 1446—slightly differing from other countries’ dates due to various moon sighting traditions.


The Islamic calendar holds immense importance for Muslims globally aiding them to observe religious events according to their faith convictions. In this year of 2024 marked with Muharram—a spiritually profound month commemorating key events such as Ashura—they continue their journey guided by lunar observations ensuring they fulfill their religious duties faithfully.

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