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New Update 2024 What is Ehsaas Kafalat Program?

What is Ehsaas Kafalat Program?

What is Ehsaas Kafalat Program? Kafalat means taking care of a family or an individual. Some of the subjects are very poor and deserving because the sources of employment are very less, so it becomes necessary for the government to come up with a relief program to help the people. A certain section of Pakistan is living below the poverty line.

The Gov of Pakistan has created a program for them called Ehsaas Kafalat. The amount of which has increased in different periods. Now the government has increased this amount from 9 thousand to 15 thousand 500 rupees so that people can live their lives well.

Kafalat Program is a Make for Pure Women program in which the Government of Pakistan helps all poor men and widows. Those who are unemployed and do not have a home. And no vehicle is registered in his name.

Ehsaas program has started for these people. They will be given monthly assistance by the Government of Pakistan which ranges from 12,000 to 18,000. So that they can fulfill all the needs of their home.

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احساس کفالت پروگرام

احساس کفالت پروگرام کیا ہے؟ کفالت کا مطلب خاندان یا فرد کا خیال رکھنا ہے۔ بعض رعایا بہت غریب اور مستحق ہیں کیونکہ روزگار کے ذرائع بہت کم ہیں، اس لیے حکومت کے لیے ضروری ہو جاتا ہے کہ وہ لوگوں کی مدد کے لیے کوئی ریلیف پروگرام بنائے۔ پاکستان میں ایک مخصوص طبقہ غربت کی لکیر سے نیچے زندگی گزار رہا ہے۔

حکومت پاکستان نے ان کے لیے احساس کفالت کے نام سے ایک پروگرام بنایا ہے۔ جس کی مقدار مختلف ادوار میں بڑھی ہے۔ اب حکومت نے اس رقم کو 9 ہزار سے بڑھا کر 15 ہزار 500 روپے کردیا ہے تاکہ لوگ اپنی زندگی اچھی طرح گزار سکیں۔

کفالت پروگرام ایک میک فار پیور خواتین کا پروگرام ہے جس میں حکومت پاکستان تمام غریب مردوں اور بیوہ خواتین کی مدد کرتی ہے۔ جو بے روزگار ہیں اور ان کے پاس گھر نہیں ہے۔ اور ان کے نام پر کوئی گاڑی رجسٹرڈ نہیں ہے۔

ان لوگوں کے لیے احساس پروگرام شروع ہو گیا ہے۔ انہیں حکومت پاکستان کی طرف سے ماہانہ امداد دی جائے گی جو 12 ہزار سے 18 ہزار تک ہوتی ہے۔ جس سے وہ اپنے گھر کی تمام ضروریات پوری کر سکیں۔

Who can join the Ehsaas Kafalat Program?

Ehsaas Kafalat program can include people who are unemployed disabled and poor Famles. Seniors who cannot take up a business that does not meet their needs can participate in the Ehsaas program to meet their needs. Or people who have no business and work as laborers, and running a household becomes very difficult.

They can meet their household expenses by getting help from Ehsaas programme. It has created a program to help poor people, through which poor women can start their own home businesses by receiving assistance money.

So that the peace they have can easily meet all the expenses of their house. How you can register for Ehsaas Kafalat program, we will share all the information with you in this article. You must read this article very carefully. So how can you register for the Ehsaas program? You will get all the information.

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Ehsaas 8171 SMS Code

An Ehsaas code is given by the Government of Pakistan which is 8171, for people who cannot access internet. Therefore, they can register themselves in Ehsaas Kafalat through a message on their mobile phones. The 8171 code issued by the Government of Pakistan is what you need to enter your ID card number.

Remember that you have to send your original ID card number unchanged. 8171 will check your ID card. No vehicle is registered on this ID card number. How much land is registered on the ID card and has anyone gone to other countries with this ID card? You can verify your eligibility by using the code 8171 or call this number in case of problems with the program.

If you are wrong according to the instructions given by 8171. You will be notified by a message from 8171. If you meet their requirements, you are not eligible for this program. So you will get a message from 8171 that you are eligible for this program.

And you will get aid money from Pakistan government. So far 9 million people have been helped by the Government of Pakistan. And they have also started their home businesses with the aid money given by the government of Pakistan.

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Eligibility Criteria

Persons registered in Ehsaas program should not have any criminal record. And neither a house is registered in his name nor a personal vehicle is registered in his name. The Ehsaas program can include people who are very poor and do not have a business.

Nor for those who have a private house, if a vehicle etc. is registered in someone’s name, the Ehsaas program will not register it. This will not be achieved through the assistance provided through the Ehsaas Kafalat programme. If a person is involved in any crime, Ehsaas Kafal program will not help him either. Due to this he will not be able to settle his financial affairs and meet his expenses.

To avail this program you must clear yourself from any crime so that it does not create any hurdle in your Ehsaas Kafalat program. And the assistance given to you by the Government of Pakistan should be easily provided to you.

So that you can easily settle all your household expenses. If a vehicle is registered in your name, your CNIC card will be checked by the kafalat program officials as soon as possible. You will then be immediately removed from the program and will not receive assistance from the program.

The sponsorship program will not help you even if you have taken a loan from any branch. Even if you have a passport or visa to travel abroad, the Ehsaas Kafal program will not provide you with assistance. From which you may face many difficulties.

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Ehsaas Kafalat web portal

Ehsaas Kafalat Portal is a website where you can get all information about Ehsaas Kafalat Program. If you want to register for the sponsorship program, you have to go to the register option on the web portal. After entering your CNIC card number you have to click on confirm button.

This will start checking your ID card number. And you will be informed about Ehsaas program eligibility. The website of the sponsorship program has all kinds of articles from which you can easily get information. And can easily register themselves to receive the assistance. This program helps the poor sections due to financial difficulties. Using the web portal, you can easily verify your eligibility at home.

You can also get information from this website whether you have received or not or when you will receive your money. It contains all the information of Ehsaas program so that all poor people are eligible to receive this assistance money.

They can easily get money from it and they can easily get information. You need to read all these articles carefully and get information from them in order to register yourself for the sponsorship program. And easily get the aid money given by the government of Pakistan.

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Impact of the Ehsaas Kafalat Program

The Ehsaas Kafalat Program has had a substantial impact on reducing poverty and improving the living standards of its beneficiaries. By providing regular financial support, the program helps alleviate the immediate economic pressure on families. The focus on women’s empowerment, through both financial aid and educational initiatives, has resulted in increased social and economic participation among women in Pakistan.


The Ehsaas Kafalat Program continues to be a vital lifeline for Pakistan’s most vulnerable populations. The 2024 updates signify the government’s ongoing commitment to improving and expanding this essential social welfare initiative. By increasing the stipend, expanding coverage, and enhancing both data management and financial literacy, the program aims to provide more robust and effective support to those in need. As it evolves, the Ehsaas Kafalat Program remains a cornerstone of Pakistan’s efforts to build a more inclusive and equitable society.

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