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Today Gold Rate in Pakistan 2024

Today Gold Rate in Pakistan 2024

Today Gold Rate

Today Gold Rate in Pakistan, Thursday 11 July 2024, the gold price for 24 karat gold is Rs 244,950 per tola and for 22 karat gold is Rs 192,505 per 10 grams. Association and international gold markets, and include a performance graph showing gold prices over the past 10 days.

پاکستان میں آج 11 جولائی 2024 کو 24 قیراط سونے کے لیے سونے کی قیمت 244,950 روپے فی تولہ ہے اور 22 قیراط سونے کی قیمت 192505 روپے فی 10 گرام ہے۔ ایسوسی ایشن اور بین الاقوامی گولڈ مارکیٹ، اور گزشتہ 10 دنوں کے دوران سونے کی قیمتوں کو ظاہر کرنے والا کارکردگی کا گراف شامل کریں۔

Gold 24K Ounce $ 2336

performance graph showing gold prices

Gold Price Today In Major Cities Of Pakistan

Islamabad Rs. 244,950 Rs. 224595
Karachi Rs. 244,950 Rs. 224595
Lahore Rs. 244,950 Rs. 224595
Peshawar Rs. 244,950 Rs. 224595
Multan Rs. 244,950 Rs. 224595

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18K Rs. 183,760 Rs. 157,504
20K Rs. 204,177 Rs. 175,005
21K Rs. 214,386 Rs. 183,755
22K Rs. 224,596 Rs. 192,505
24K Rs. 244,950 Rs. 210,005

Gold Rate In Pakistan For Last 10 Days

Jul 02, 24 Rs. 241050 Rs. 189440
Jul 03, 24 Rs. 241150 Rs. 189518
Jul 04, 24 Rs. 241500 Rs. 189793
Jul 05, 24 Rs. 242800 Rs. 190815
Jul 06, 24 Rs. 243750 Rs. 191562
Jul 07, 24 Rs. 244700 Rs. 192308
Jul 08, 24 Rs. 245350 Rs. 192308
Jul 09, 24 Rs. 245350 Rs. 194037
Jul 10, 24  Rs.244,950 Rs. 192819
Jul 11, 24 Rs. 244,950 Rs. 192505

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Gold price in Pakistan

Today as on 10 July 2024, gold price in Pakistan is Rs. 244,950 24K per tola.

Gold is synonymous with pure, exquisite and expensive. Gold is widely used as jewelery in our subcontinental culture and its demand increases during the wedding season. If you are planning to make gold jewellery, find the latest gold price in Pakistan Today by its purity, either 18, 20, 22, or 24 karat.

Gold in Pakistan

24 karat gold price in pakistan today gold price is 100 rupees. 244,950 of 1 tola on 10 July 2024. Gold has been widely used in Pakistan for many years, many women in Pakistan will use gold as their accessories while others will use it as a viable investment. However, if we talk about the price of gold, the price of gold is deposited in the London Bullion Market and sometimes through the IMF, they had the sole authority to set the standard of gold and its price.

Also, the price of gold is not fixed and fluctuates from time to time as many factors depend on it. The gold rate in Pakistan is always at a high level because the Pakistani rupee is always considered a low currency compared to other world currencies. Similarly, if we look at the history of gold price Pakistan, the rate has never been stable in Pakistan and the fact is that Pakistan is facing severe economic crisis and inflation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the price of one tola of gold in Pakistan today?

Today gold price in Pakistan is Rs 100 per tola. 244,950 as on 10 July 2024 as the latest updated rate.

How much is 1 gram of 24 thousand gold in Pakistan?
Today in Pakistan 1 gram 24 thousand gold price is 19250.

What is the rate of gold in Pakistan today?
Today gold rate in Pakistan is Rs 244,950

What is the rate of 24 thousand gold in Pakistan?
24K gold rate in Pakistan is Rs. 210,005 per 10 grams.

How much is 22 carat gold in Pakistan?
The rate of 22 carat gold in Pakistan is 224595.

Today Gold Rate Karachi ARY
Today 10 July 2024 ARY gold rate of 1 tola 24 karat gold in Pakistan is currently fixed at Rs. 244,950 Notably, these rates are also applicable in Karachi.

What is the price of gold biscuits in Pakistan?
Gold Biscuits cost Rs 100 in Pakistan. 244,950 per 24K per tola.

How much is a tola?
The measurement of weight varies from country to country. However, the price of gold in Pakistan is equal to 11.66 grams per tola.